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Bill of Sale | Registration | Division of Motor Vehicles | NH Registration > Bill of Sale. Pursuant to RSA 261:148, III, a Bill of Sale for a motor vehicle must include the following information: The date of the sale. Name, signature and legal address (no PO Box) of purchaser. Name, signature and legal address (no PO Box) of seller.

EFFECTIVE January 1st, 2015 Any motor vehicle whose manufacturer's model year is 2000 and newer will always be titled. RSA 261:1. The first time you register a vehicle in NH you will need to go to your City/Town Hall and bring proof of residency (usually, but not always, something mailed to you at your address) and your Driver’s License.

How To Get A New Hampshire Bonded Title 17 Jul 2015 Have a car in New Hampshire, but no title? You bought a vehicle and only received a bill of sale; You bought a vehicle Take application(s) to your local New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles office and pay the  Motor Vehicle Registration | Meredith NH

Use our quick link to download the Bill of Sale form the next time you buy or sell a used vehicle. Used and new cars on sale — salvage or insurance auction, SEAD, Future sales. This Bill of Sale is an affidavit of the amount of money or value that was exchange between the seller(s) and buyer(s) for the vehicle listed herein. ONLY antique vehicles (vehicles 35 years old or older) can have the ownership transferred (sold) by bill of sales. All other vehicles sold by or

For vehicles with a model year 1999 and older, a bill of sale is required along a vehicle out-of-state or through a private sale, the State of NH-DMV may issue a  Title Application | Windham, NH The DMV's Bureau of Title and Anti-Theft administers all title applications for Bill of Sale along with either a current or expired New Hampshire certificate of  Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Registration - Town of Madison, NH ON-LINE PAYMENT for MOTOR VEHICLE RENEWAL REGISTRATION with NO CHANGES IN MOTOR VEHICLE BILL OF SALE FORM – CLICK HERE. Motor Vehicle Registration | Town of Wolfeboro NH In New Hampshire, there are two parts to a motor vehicle registration. The first If your vehicle falls in this category, submit a bill of sale plus one of the following: 

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Online Dealer and Title Class | Motor Vehicle Dealers | Registration | Division of Motor Vehicles | NH Department of Safety [ 15.948%] Online dealer and title classes that are specifically for use by anyone wishing to become a motor vehicle dealer, or an establis Town Clerk / Taxes | Town of Alton - Alton, New Hampshire Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM (open until 7:00PM on the first and last Thursday of each month) Point of Contact Lisa Noyes - Town Clerk

The most common bills of sale used in New Hampshire are the general bill of sale, bill of sale for a motor vehicle, a bill of sale for a boat, and a bill of sale for a 

Official Website - Concord, NH For vehicles with a model year of 1999 or older you will need a bill of sale from the seller to the buyer, signed by the seller, AND one of the following documents:. Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals & Estimates Vehicles year 2000 and newer require titles. Vehicles 1999 and older, a bill of sale is required along with a previously issued current or expired New Hampshire 

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Car Bill of Sale | Printable PDF Template | AS IS Bill of Sale How to write AS IS private party car Bill of Sale. JPEG. PDF. Bill of Sale Form. What does a motor vehicle Bill of Sale look like? Bill of Sale. New Hampshire. New Hampshire Bill of Sale Form & Requirements | DMV.ORG Bill of sale requirements and information in New Hampshire. Transferring Plates | Nashua, NH - City of Nashua See how to transfer plates from a recently sold car to a new one. If the newly purchased vehicle is 15 years or older, you will need a bill of sale and one of the